The Flour Mill

La Harinera combines industrial heritage, cultural innovation and contemporary creation in an old bread and plour factory. Is main aim is to promote and inspire creativity in a sustainable way and with an international scope, while enhancing models of cultural democracy and interculturality. This old flour factory, wich is a multipurpose, dynamic and multifunctional space which recognises and values industrial heritage and contemporary cultural creation. It is an integrated site, made up of a museum, a cultural space and accommodation, provides a reference point in the world of sustainable proposals for industrial heritage. Innovation, culture, universality and creativity to promote social, economic and cultural development are the cornestones of this project. A lively and adaptable space, open to the citizens and focused on the promotion of cultural and crative industries.

This project has following areas: La Harinera Museum focuses on preservation, restoration and the provision of information on the heritage of the flour industry. La Harinera Creative is an active and open space for the exchange of projects and cooperation between professionals and non-professionals.

La Harinera Hostel hosts participants in activities and exchange, training and creation programs. 

The Flour Mill
La Harinera
C/ Avenida Juan Carlos I, nº 57
13620 Pedro Muñoz
+34 (0) 926 - 568607