The Danish Gas Museum

The gasworks of 1898 at Hobro, a small town at the head of the Mariager Fjord in north Jutland was adapted as the national museum of the gas industry in Denmark and opened in 2002. The first gas plant for public supply in the country opened in Odense in 1857. At the industry’s peak there were 112 works in Denmark producing coal gas, the last of which, the Strandvejsgasvǽrket works, closed in 1983. A very large model of the Strandvejsgasvǽrket works as it was in 1943 is one of the principal features of the museum. The galleries illustrate the development of the industry in Denmark, from its use in lighting homes to its application to other household tasks and its role in industry. Displays illustrate such themes as the ways in which cooking facilities in people’s homes changed diets in Denmark between the 1950s and the 1980s, and how the availability of gas-fired heaters for bath water improved public health. Domestic appliances, meters and other small objects have been collected from all over Denmark. The gasholders at the Hobro works were fully renovated in 2009. A mezzanine floor has been inserted in the former scrubbing plant which is now used as a meeting hall.


The Danish Gas Museum
Gasvǽrksvej 2
9500 Hobro
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