The Citroën & DS Conservatoire

The Conservatoire is run by L'Aventure, an association dedicated to the heritage of the car makers DS, Peugeot and Citroën. It is situated near Le Bourget airport north of Paris in a modern building of 6,500 m² – appropriately on the Boulevard André Citroën, which is named after the founder of the Citroën company in 1919. On display are some 300 vehicles, most of which are in working order – the largest Citroën collection in the world. It extends from the Type ‘A’s after the First World War to recent vehicles and includes many examples of the influential 2CV and DS ranges. The cars are arranged by decade into sports cars, adventure cars, concept cars and utility vehicles. Motor-sports vehicles are also on display. The new premium brand that takes the name DS is represented in vehicles made since 2010. L’Aventure’s other museum is for a Peugeot collection at Sochaux in eastern France.

The Citroën & DS Conservatoire
Conservatoire Citroën & DS
Boulevard André Citroën
93600 Aulnay-sous-Bois
+33 (0) 156 - 508020