The car museum at Málaga

The car museum at Málaga is one of several tenants occupying the Tabacalera building of the 1920s. The museum has a collection of about ninety cars. One section is devoted to la belle époque, the period of motoring up to 1914, where exhibits include a Dion Bouton, made in France in 1903, a Renault BX of 1911, a Minervette completed in Belgium in 1904, and a Richmond of 1908 from the United States. A display of popular cars includes a Morris Minor of 1931, an Austin Seven of 1928, a German Fuldamobile, of 1955, a Fiat 500 of 1936 from Italy, and a Velorex of 1963 from the then Czechoslovakia. Sports cars include a Maserati of 1950, a Ferrari of 1956 and a Mercedes SL 300 of the same year. There are also concept cars, and several luxury cars including Rolls Royces and Cadillacs. The museum also has displays about alternative sources of energy, hats and haut couture fashion.

The car museum at Málaga
Museo Automovilistico de Málaga
15 Avenida de Sor Teresa Prat
29003 Málaga
+34 (0) 951 - 137001