Tatra Technical Museum

Kopřivnice in eastern Moravia is the site of the Tatra works, founded in Ignác Šustala (1822-81), which progressed from making horse-drawn coaches, to building railway wagons and coaches from 1881, motor cars from 1897, and commercial trucks from 1898. Production of railway vehicles ceased in the 1950s after which the works concentrated on heavy trucks. Few early buildings remain. The present technical museum has developed from the company museum established in 1947. It is now part of the Kopřivnice Regional Museum, a joint enterprise between the municipality and the Tatra company, which also operates three other museums in the vicinity. The Technical Museum displays the many products of the Tatra company, coaches, motor cars including racing cars, aircraft, railway vehicles especially railcars, and, above all, the heavy trucks for which Kopřivnice was most famous.

Tatra Technical Museum
Technickŏ Muzeum Tatra
Záhumenni 367/1
74221 Kopřivnice
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 556 - 808421