Swiss Air Force Center

The Swiss air force was founded in 1914. Its collection of historically important objects began in 1972 and an exhibition opened 1978. The museum is located on Dübendorf air force base and has expanded and developed over 40 years. Its main building is a concrete dome structure designed by the Swiss engineer Heinz Isler in 1988. The history of Swiss military aviation and air defence is presented with more than 40 aircraft and helicopters. The exhibitions are arranged chronologically – the pioneers and First World War, the interwar period, the Second World War, the jet age and arms reduction. In addition to the aircraft there are examples of flying suits, aircraft engines, anti-aircraft guns, ground-to-air missile defences and radar systems. A simulator centre gives a choice of flight experiences with an instructor; in a Mirage III or F/A 18 fighter jet, a P-3 propeller training aircraft or a Boeing B-737 jet liner.

Swiss Air Force Center
Flieger Flab Museum
Überlandstrasse 271
8600 Dübendorf
+41 (0) 44 - 8245511