Svedino’s motorcar and aircraft museum

Like many museums of motor cars Svedinos was the creation of one man. Lennart Svedfelt (1924-93) had a varied career, and at one stage was a manufacturer of model aircraft. He began to collect vintage cars in 1949 when he acquired a Model-T Ford of 1919. He gradually acquired more vehicles and in the summer of 1957 exhibited 20 of them at Skansen (Stockholm) in an exhibition called ‘Grandfather’s Car’. The exhibition subsequently went on tour through Sweden, and Svedfelt’s search for a permanent home for it was concluded when a site became available at Ugglarp on the west coast of Sweden about 25 km. north of Halmstad in the county of Halland. The museum featuring the collection was opened in 1961 and took its name from Lennart Svedfelt’s nickname Svedinos.

The collection comprises more than a hundred motor vehicles include some heavy trucks and some hand-made cars, and about 40 aircraft. The earliest car is a Bullerbilen of 1898. There are six Model-T Fords of various types. The main emphasis is on Swedish cars particularly Volvos. The earliest aircraft dates from 1918. There tend to be more warplanes than civilian aircraft, with examples from Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom as well as from Sweden.

Svedino’s motorcar and aircraft museum
Svedinos Bil- och Flygmuseum
Ullarp 123
311 69 Ugglarp
+46 (0) 346 - 43187