Stripa Gruva

Guldsmedshyttan is a small community in the township of Lindeberg, 40 miles north of Örebro. The Stripa Mine, which worked until 1977, was one of the most productive iron ore mines in the region. It was a pioneer in the use of electricity to power mining machinery, and its managers developed sophisticated methods for extracting concentrates from low grade ores. The buildings, in the International Modern style, still stand, having been listed as of historical importance in 2006,  and most of the machinery including the winding gear, the conveyors and shaking tables, remains intact. There is much evidence in the landscape around Stripa Gruva of mining activity from the fourteenth century onwards.

Some of the iron smelted from ores raised from the mine was used by the Guldsmedshyttan foundry, originally established to make cannon balls. It still operates in the ownership of the Global Castings Corporation, and produces ductile iron for wind turbines.

Stripa Gruva
Gruvbackevägen 8
71178 Guldsmedshytta
+46 (0) 581 - 81161