Starý Martin Visitor Mine

The Krupka mining landscape is part of the Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří Mining Region World Heritage site, where metal mining started in the twelfth century. Starý Martin (or Old Martin) was one of the most important mines in Krupka. In 1864, Schiller and Lewald excavated the Martin gallery into the Lukáš tin ore vein, which at 2 km was one of the longest in central Europe. Tin was mined in the Starý Martin gallery until 1922 and in the area until the 1980s. The mine opened to the public in 2000. Visitors have access to a half-kilometre-long gallery cut through rock, where they learn about the history of the mines, methods of roof support and excavation methods. The gallery has a low ceiling – some sections are only 1.4-m high. A mining museum displays tools, lamps and samples of minerals. Further mining equipment is displayed outside, including rail wagons and an electric locomotive.

Starý Martin Visitor Mine
Štola Starý Martin
41741 Krupka
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 417 - 822154