Speyer Museum of Technology

The technology museum in Speyer was set up in 1991, originally as an offshoot of the museum of motor cars and technology in Sinsheim which had no further space for expansion. It occupies an exhibition hall dating from 1913 and extends across what was once the flying field of the aircraft factory in Speyer, which was one of the largest in Germany during the First World War. The ample space that the museum enjoys enables it to display some very large exhibits, including a Boeing 747 Jumbo jet airliner, donated by Lufthansa in 2002, and the Russian space shuttle Buran, which arrived in 2008. The displays relating to space exploration and engineering are comprehensive and include a Soyuz land capsule and some moon rock. Other aircraft include a Junkers Ju52 in the form of a passenger airliner of the years before the Second World War. There are also railway locomotives, motor cars, motor cycles and fire engines, and visitors are able to see films in an IMAX cinema. The Wilhelmsbau Museum in the grounds (for which entrance is free to visitors who have tickets for the technology museum) displays an astonishing variety of mechanical means of making music.

Speyer Museum of Technology
Am Technik Museum 1
67346 Speyer
+49 (0) 6232 - 67080