South Tirol Mining Museum

The mining museums at Schneeburg, near St Leonard, which lies between Merano and the Austrian border are part of the Südtiroler Bergbaumuseum (South Tirol Mining Museum) which manages five sites in the region, that is now part of Italy, although it was once a province of the Habsburg Empire, and German remains the everyday language.

Visitors are able to enter the Ridnaun mine, one of the oldest and one of the highest in the Alps, and view displays of numerous items of mining equipment. Varied underground tours can be arranged according to the interests of the visitors.

The displays at Schneeberg Passeier, which can only be reached on foot from the Passeier Valley, tell the story of lead and zinc mines that were worked from the middle ages until 1967. The museum also offers a lengthy tour of underground workings that was opened to the public in 1996.

The two sites also form part of hiking trails through one of Europe’s most spectacular mining landscapes.

South Tirol Mining Museum
Museo Provinciale delle Miniere Bergbauwelt Ridnaun-Schneeberg
Maiern 48
39040 Ridnaun
+39 (0) 472 - 656364