Sinsheim Technical Museum

The large and popular technology museum at Sinsheim was opened in 1981 and is managed by Auto und Technik Museum Sinheim eV, who are also responsible for the similar museum at Speyer, opened in 1991 when space for expansion at Sinheim ran out. There are nevertheless some very large exhibits, most notably an Air France Concorde supersonic airliner, alongside its Russian equivalent, a Tupolev Tu-144. Both have been placed on the roof of the main building from which visitors can reach their interiors, and explore them thoroughly. There are other more conventional airliners, railway locomotives including a gigantic 2-10-2 built in China, motor cars including some Formula 1 racing cars, motor cycles and agricultural machines. Visitors can see three-dimensional films in an IMAX cinema.

Sinsheim Technical Museum
Technik Museum Sinsheim
Eberhard-Layher-Strasse 1
74889 Sinsheim
+49 (0) 7261 - 92990