Rosenlew Museum

Pori is a substantial town and port in the Satakunta region on the Gulf of Bosnia with a current population in excess of 80,000. For more than a century, from 1853 to 1987, the Rosenlew company was one of the most important in the city. It began as a foundry making household pots and pans, and agricultural machinery including threshing machines. The company expanded into the traditional Pori trade of shipbuilding, made refrigerators, and became involved in the manufacture of pulp, paper and plastics, as well as generating electricity for public supply. The company museum is located in a building designed in the 1860s as a government granary which the Rosenlew company used from 1937 as a warehouse and road transport depot. It became the depository for the company’s collection of historic artefacts. The collection was taken into the care of the municipality of Pori and the Satakunta museum service in 2003 and opened to the public in December 2006. Exhibits include most of the company’s best-known products, but particular importance is place on displays of stoves, threshing machines, steam engines and cast-iron pots. Effective use is made of the company’s promotional films of the 1960s. Other sections are devoted to the company’s brass bands and sports teams, and to the broader history of industry in Pori, and the museum is the starting point for a trail guide through the city’s industrial landscape.

Rosenlew Museum
Kuninkaanlahdenkatu 14
28100 Pori
+358 (0) 2 - 6211866

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