Rosenlew Museum

Pori is a substantial town and port in the Satakunta region on the Gulf of Bothnia with a current population in excess of 80,000. The Rosenlew company (1853 – 1987) was one of the largest industrial companies in Finland as well as an important employer in Pori and the whole Satakunta region. During its history the industrial plants of this all-round company manufactured the most diverse line of products: threshers, frying pans, fridges, ships, planks, paper, sulphite pulp, electrical energy, baking yeast, plastic bags…

The Rosenlew Museum is located right by the side of the traditional Aittaluoto factory area. The building was completed in 1860’s and served first as a government granary. Later it became a factory warehouse of the Rosenlew company, and objects relating to the operations of the company were also collected there. The building and the museum collection came into the possession of the town of Pori and under the care of Satakunta Museum in 2003. After some improvements and renovations the museum was opened for the public in December 2006. The permanent exhibition presents the history and produce of the all-round Rosenlew Company. Temporary exhibitions offer wider views of other industry and technology related issues.

Rosenlew Museum
Kuninkaanlahdenkatu 14
28100 Pori
+358 (0) 2 - 6211866

Recommended duration of visit:1 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:60 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:Available
Infrastructure for children:
Visitor centre on site:yes
Gift and book shop on site:yes

Tuesday - Sunday 11am-5pm

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