Energy and Technology Museum

The Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius occupies a former power station which opened in 1903 and worked until 1998. It was damaged in the Second World War but was subsequently rebuilt, and much of the original equipment remains. The plant included three turbines by AEG (1911), MAN (1913) and Brown Boveri (1925), three generators, a control panel made in Poland in 1925, and several boilers including one made by Babcock and Wilcox in 1925. There are models of the Ignalina nuclear power plant which began generating in  1983 and the Kruonis pumped storage plant. Other sections show something of the social history of Vilnius over the past century, emphasising the role of electricity, and of the history of transport in the city. The museum opened in 2003.

Energy and Technology Museum
Viešoji įstaiga Lietuvos energetikos muziejus
Rinktinés g 2
09310 Vilnius
+370 (0) 5278 - 2085

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