The 3ft 6in (1067 mm) gauge railway known as the Setesdalsbanen opened in 1896 extending 76 km alongside the River Otra  from Kristiansand to Byglandsfjord. Its principal cargoes were forest products, including barrel staves, pit props, firewood and paper, feldspar for glass making in Belgium, and refined aluminium. When a standard gauge line reached Kristiansand in 1938, the Settesbanen was cut short at Grovane where the two met. The remainder of the line closed in 1962, when it was the last narrow gauge line operated by Norwegian State Railways. A voluntary organisation with the object of preserving the line was established in 1964, and now operated an 8 km section between Grovane and Røyknes. The line has four steam locomotives of 1894-1902: two built by Dubs of Glasgow and two by Thunes Mekaniske Værksted of Oslo, as well as two diesel locomotives and two diesel railcars.

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