Sergej Masera Maritime Museum - Museum of Salt-Making

Piran is one of the towns on the 46 km of Slovenian coastline on the Adriatic, whose architecture and planning owe much to Venetian influences. The Maritime Museum, founded in 1954 and located in a mid-nineteenth century building in the classical style, is concerned with all aspects of the history of the Slovene coast, naval activities, archaeology, art history and fishing, as well as salt-making. The salt pans at nearby Secovlje occupy almost 700 ha. Several pans have been restored, and salt continues to be made by traditional methods. Plans have been prepared for a salt landscape park in the area. A two-storey house, where a salt-maker’s family lived on the first floor and stored salt on the ground floor was restored in 1991.

Sergej Masera Maritime Museum - Museum of Salt-Making
Pomorski Muzej Sergej Masera
Cankarjevo nabrezje 3
103 Piran
+386 (0) 5671 - 0040