Scottish Maritime Museum Dumbarton

The award-winning Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine and Dumbarton is home to Scotland's seafaring heritage. At two  sites in the west of Scotland you can learn about Scotland’s importance to maritime history, including about the people that built and sailed Scottish ships around the world.

At the Dumbarton site explore the Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank to discover how William Denny and Brothers’ innovative and experimental approach to shipbuilding made waves in the shipbuilding industry from the 1800s to 1963. See the world’s first commercial ship model experiment tank. Enter the world of the Victorian ship designer and find out how to design your own ship. Test different hull designs in a mini experiment tank. Try your hand at smoothing and carving a real wax hull model.

Scottish Maritime Museum Dumbarton
Denny Ship Model Experiment Tank
Castle Street
G82 1QS Dumbarton
United Kingdom
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