Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

This collection has more than 400 vehicles on display: cars, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and also stationary engines and aviation exhibits. It was founded by Salvador Claret i Naspleda, beginning in the 1950s when he bought and restored a 1923 Model T Ford. It remains a private collection owned by his family but it is part of the network of mNACTEC, the Museums of Science and Technology of Catalunya. Claret was a garage owner and ran a driving school. The collection is housed in a garage near the A-2 motorway south of Girona. It includes many cars made in Spain: a replica of the three-wheeled Bonet designed in 1897 (the first car made in Catalunya), a David made in Barcelona in 1907, a Kapi made in Barcelona in 1954 and a Goggomobil made at Bilbao in 1964, as well as other cars by Salvador, Hispano Suiza and Siata Española. There are also vehicles by foreign manufacturers and cars associated with famous owners.

Salvador Claret Automobile Collection
Col·lecció d’Automòbils Salvador Claret
Autovia A2, km 698 (sortida 697)
17410 Sils
+34 (0) 972 - 853036