Saline della Laguna

Two groups of salt pans on the Laguna dello Stagnone on the western coast of Sicily, opposite the island of Mothia and alongside the ‘salt road’ from Trapani to Marsala, are managed by the travel company Saline Ettore e Infersa SRL. Visitors are able to see a centuries-old landscape of salt working, with three windmills that pump the water from one pan to another when its salinity has increased. The traditional methods of harvesting salt with rake-like implements are demonstrated. There are guided tours of the pans, as well as a one-hour trip by boat around the lagoon. The salt produced around Marsala is highly regarded, and can be purchased at the site.

Saline della Laguna
Contrada Ettora Infersa
92105 Marsala
+39 (0) 923 - 733003