Saigerhütte Museum

Saigerhutte in Olbernhau, 32 km south-west of Chemnitz, was once a self-contained village of timber-framed buildings devoted to the processing of copper, which originated in 1836, and was the principal centre for copper working in Saxony. The 22 historic buildings that remain include calcining kilns, shops where ore was concentrated, a copper smelter, water-wheels and forge buildings. Hammers were used for shaping copper at Olbernhau until 1847 when the first rolling mill was built.

The location is part of the Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří World Heritage Site.

Saigerhütte Museum
In der Hutte 10
09526 Olbernhau
+49 (0) 37360 - 73367