Saab Car Museum

Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, a firm established to build military aircraft, set up a subsidiary Saab Automobil AB which produced its first car, the Saab 92 in 1947. Subsequently the company enjoyed great success, exporting to many countries, and achieving triumphs in rallying. The Saab 96 saloon, and its estate car version, the Saab 95, both introduced in 1960, were extremely popular, as was the Saab 99 of 1969. The company subsequently ceased to trade, and its collection of historic vehicles was saved from being auctioned in 2012 with the support of the city of Trollhättan and the Marcus and Amelia Wallenberg foundation. The museum displays more than 120 vehicles, most of them variants of the main Saab models.

Saab Car Museum
18 Åkerssjővägen
46155 Trollhättan
+46 (0) 520 - 289440