Rydals Museum and Spinning Works

Rydal spinning mill, the first in the Sjuharad region of Vastergotland, was built by Sven Erikson in 1853, and was powered by the waters of the River Viskan. Machines and cast-iron for construction were imported from England. The mill is a three-storey structure constructed from local boulder stones. The machines on the spinning floor are demonstrated. The mill was one of the first buildings in Sweden to have electric lighting, in 1882. 

Erikson also built cottages and a school for his workpeople, and a 700 m trail starting at the museum guides visitors through the textile community.

Rydals Museum and Spinning Works
Rydals Museum och Spinneri
Borasvagen 237
51170 Rydal
+46 (0) 320 - 93300