Rüdersdorf Museum Park

What is both, near Berlin and right in the middle of it? The answer is Rüdersdorf because the limestone dug out there is part of many of the capital's iconic buildings like the Brandenburg Gate. And that's only one of the many stories told by the Museum and Park Rüdersdorf where visitors walk through 750 years of limestone mining and processing. Most impressive is the pit furnace system consisting of 18 frontloading kilns constantly in use for calcination since 1877. Their predecessors, built in the early 19th century, are still in place as well. About the same time the striking portals of the Bülow and Heinitz Canals took shape, connecting the industrial site with the network of regional waterways. A building that looks like a city gate at first sight turns out to be a so called 'Seilscheibenpfeiler' (a rope sheave holding construction).

Rüdersdorf Museum Park
Heinitzstrasse 9
15562 Rüdersdorf bei Berlin
+49 (0) 33638 - 799797