Regional Land Reclamation Museum, Ca' Vendramin

Land drainage is vital in the Po delta. Pumping is a tool to drain the marshes and reclaim agricultural land. The Ca' Vendramin pumping station, 50 km south of Venice, was completed in 1903 to raise water from the marshy island of Ariano and drain it to the sea. With four steam pumps, it was the largest pumping station in the delta. Steam turbines were installed in 1921 to power electric pumps. The site was taken out of service in 1969 and is now preserved by a foundation. The symmetrical group of brick-and-tile buildings is arranged among green lawns. The museum tells the story of land drainage in the region with photographs, plans and explanatory texts. The well-preserved buildings include the engine room, the house for the coal-fired boilers, a tall chimney, workshops, houses and offices. The museum features in a digital network of sites across the region titled the ‘Water Museum of Venice’ that offers stories and guides.

Regional Land Reclamation Museum, Ca' Vendramin
Museo Regionale della Bonifica di Ca' Vendramin
Località Ca' Vendramin di Taglio di Po
45019 Taglio di Po
+39 (0) 426 - 81219