Red Rock Region

The "Land of the Red Rocks" in the south of Luxembourg, owes its name to the bright red iron ore which dominates the landscape. The iron ore was undoubtedly behind the success of the steel industry in the Grand Duchy back in the middle of the 19th century.

Former industrial sites were partially preserved and renovated, or have become valuable biotopes. Anyway, they are witnesses of the industrial past and will lead visitors through the history of Luxembourg’s steel industry.

In Rumelange, at the National Mining Museum, you will learn more about the mining of iron ore and walking along different trails will allow you a better insight in Luxembourg’s industrial past.

At the Industry and Railway Park Fond-de-Gras, you can take rides on the historic steam train "Train 1900" and on the mining train taking you through the underground galleries. The trains ride on Sundays between Mai and September. Families, lovers of history and nature will certainly come at their expense.

The region in the south of Luxembourg has been strongly marked by the industrial culture but has managed to give itself a new identity over time, where the industrial past and new technologies melt into a unique mixture. On the former industrial site Belval, where Luxembourg last blast furnace can be found, a new city quarter is being built, the "cité des sciences" – a city of science, research and innovation, a new residential area, the new location for the university, a place for culture and leisure activities. Since July 2014, the blast furnace is open for visitors. You can climb up the stairs along the blast furnace up to a platform from which you will enjoy a stunning view over Belval and a large part of the most southern region of Luxembourg.

Multicultural and dynamic, the Land of the Red Rocks has known an impressive evolution over the past years always keeping the industrial heritage in mind.

Red Rock Region
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