Pythagoras Industrimuseum

The Motorfabriken Pythagoras (Pythagoras Engine Works) was established at Norrtälje in the province of Uppland in 1898 and specialised in the manufacture of hot bulb engines. For a considerable time it was very successful and Pythagoras engines were exported all over Europe, but hot bulb engines were superseded by better designs and the factory reverted to servicing rather than manufacturing, eventually closing in 1979. It was left in the condition when manufacturing ceased in the 1940s rather than at the time of closure, for some 40 years, after which a group of enthusiasts were able to adapt it as a museum. Visitors can see a factory as it was in the 1940s, with belt-driven machine tools, vintage typewriters in the offices, and displays of drawings of engines. There are also photographs of the factory when it was working, and the museum includes a characteristic worker’s house with its garden.

Pythagoras Industrimuseum
Stiftelsen Motorfabriken Pythagoras
Verkstadsgatan 6
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