Príbram Museum of Mining

The Pribram region of Bohemia was important for the mining of silver from the middle ages, of coal from the late 18th century, and of uranium after the Second World War. The principal mining museum in the Czech republic is centred round the Vojtech mine of 1779, which in 1875 reached a depth of 1000 m, the Anna pit of 1789 and the Sevein pit of 1813, whose winding tower of 1879 is one of the principal exhibits. Steam engines of 1889 and 1913 are preserved, and there are collections of minerals and hand tools, as well as toys, manufactured in the district, and goods made for pilgrims visiting the shrine on the nearby Holy Mountain.

Príbram Museum of Mining
Hornické muzeum Pribram
Námesti Hynka Klicky 293
261 01 Príbram
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 318 - 626307