Port Museum Speicher XI

Speicher XI is located right in the middle of a district currently undergoing socio-economic change. Over the past ten years, Bremen's freeport has been transformed into the so called Überseestadt, which is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe incorporating industry, the service sector, recreational and residential areas.

Speicher XI is one of the quarter's rare pre-war facilities. It was founded in 1912 as a cotton depot with cartpushers, dockers, and tallymen working there for more than 80 years. The work was tough and often dangerous, especially for those who worked at the wharfs.

Today the port museum Speicher XI revisits the heyday of Bremen's freeports by displaying the jobs involved in general cargo handling. Touching and trying is expressly permitted. Visitors can heave bags of coffee, use a model to stow away goods, transmit Morse signals, tie knots and set the change of shifts on a board and hourglass. Individual stories including special exhibits or personal biographies provide a vivid impression of the freeport's history. In this context Speicher XI itself is one of the most important exhibits.

Port Museum Speicher XI
Am Speicher XI 1
28217 Bremen
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