Paczków Gasworks Museum

Paczków is a small town in Silesia in southern Poland, chiefly notable for its perfectly preserved medieval fortifications. The gasworks was constructed in 1902 and continued to supply the town until 1977. It has been preserved in its entirety as a museum, and visitors are able to see the retorts, the purification plant and the gas holders. Apart from the works itself there are exhibitions that were thoroughly modernised with some interactive displays in 2007. More than 3,000 exhibits include collections of many kinds of gas domestic appliance, for lighting, cooking, heating and even for curling hair. Most are connected to gas supplies and can be operated. There is also a large collection of gas meters. The museum is, appropriately, lit entirely by gas.

Paczków Gasworks Museum
Muzeum Gazownictwa w Paczków
ul Pocztowa 6
48-3870 Paczków
+48 (0) 77 - 4316834