Open Air Water Museum

Edessa,near to Mount Pella in central Macedonia in the northern part of Greece, is built around the cascading waters of the stream called Edhessaios Potomos, from which power has been drawn for many forms of manufacturing. The town was part of the Ottoman Empire for about 500 years before it became part of Greece in 1912. Its silk industry prospered in the early twentieth century, but manufacturing has declined in recent decades.

The municipality has developed a museum, opened in 2000, that tells the story of the close relationship between the town and the waters that pass through it. It is located in the Kannavourgio, the mill area, and includes two flour mills and a sesame mill, where machinery can be demonstrated, and a large hemp and twine factory built in 1909 where visitors can see machinery made in Leeds, Belfast and Bielefeld.

Open Air Water Museum
Parko Katarakton
58200 Edessa
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