Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum

Many of the principal aircraft factories and design facilities of the former USSR were located in the Ukraine, and Ukraine nationals have contributed much to the development of aircraft technology. There is a National Aviation University in Kiev which sponsored the establishment of the National Aviation Museum near to the city’s Zhulyany Airport, which opened in 2003.  It has developed into one of the principal aviation museums in Europe with a display of more than 60 aircraft, most of them built in the former USSR. The earliest is an Anatra Anasal of 1917-18 built in Odessa. Many are airliners of which one of the most significant is a Tupolev 104, the first type of jet airliner in the USSR which was built at Kharkiv. It is displayed with 8 other Tupolevs and 6 Ilushins. There are also many military aircraft, including MIG fighter jets, and a large collection of helicopters. The products of the Aviant factory in Kiev are well represented.

Oleg Antonov State Aviation Museum
Medovaya 1
03048 Kyiv
+380 (0) 44 - 4518314