Oldtimer Museum Rügen

Located on the Baltic Island of Rügen, the museum traces German automotive history from 1949 to 1989. It focuses on cars but also displays railway vehicles, fire-engines, trams, bicycles and models. The museum opened in 1994. It occupies part of the extraordinary ‘Colossus of Prora’ holiday resort built by Nazi Germany 1936-9, which stretched for 4.5 km. The buildings now house a hotel, a youth hostel and apartments as well as the museum. A collection of cars compares development in the divided East and West of Germany before Reunification in 1990. The communist industry of the East was more focused on practicality and the industry of the West on performance and appearance. A star exhibit is the Volvo 264 TE, the imported car often used by officials of the German Democratic Republic. Locomotives on display include the class 03 Pacific Express and the Russian express train P 36-0123, which at 250 tonnes is one of Europe’s heaviest steam locomotives.

Oldtimer Museum Rügen
Proraer Allee 119
18609 Binz
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