Old Iron Bridge and Ironworks Museum in Ozimek

The Iron Bridge in Ozimek was built in 1827 and is the oldest iron suspension bridge in continental Europe. The bridge was designed by Karl Schottelius and produced in the ironworks of Ozimek. Today, the bridge links the town centre of Ozimek and the 250-year-old Małapanew Ironworks which are the oldest ironworks operating in Poland. In 1792, it was the first place in Europe where coke was successfuly used to produce pig-iron. The bridge was renovated in 2009 and became a place of memory for the traditions of the steel industry in the Mała Panew Valley.

Close to the Iron Bridge you can visit the iron museum, presenting product of the iron works and a model of the famous bridge.

Old Iron Bridge and Ironworks Museum in Ozimek
Most wiszący w Ozimku