Norwegian Fishing Museum

This is a museum, re-opened in 2015 after a comprehensive re-display of its exhibits, which is commended for the authentic smells which greet the visitor at reception, as well as for the appropriate dishes of Norwegian fish offered in its restaurant. Sandviksboder 23 is a wooden-planked warehouse of 1730, now located on a quayside although the area was formerly a small island in the harbour. The building was once a storehouse for oil, dried fish, feathers and other characteristic products of Norway’s western coast. There are walk-through re-creations of underwater habitats, displays illustrating the long history of the fishing industry in Norway and its exports to the rest of Europe and exhibitions showing the ways of life of past generations of fishermen. An unusual attraction is the availability of rowing boats and kayaks in which visitors can explore nearby parts of the harbour. The museum is linked with the centre of the Tysksebryggen (German Quay) by a small ferry boat the Beffen

Norwegian Fishing Museum
Norges Fiskerimuseum
Sandviksboder 23
5035 Bergen
+47 (0) 5300 - 6180