Nordhorn Municipal Museum

The municipal museum of Nordhorn is on three sites of industrial heritage: NINO-Hochbau, Povelturm and Museumsfabrik. It takes 15 minutes to walk between them. The town is on the border with the Netherlands and was an important centre for the cotton industry, which employed 12,000 people there in the 1960s.

The NINO building was a five-storey cotton spinning mill. The museum opened on the first floor of the building in 2011 with an exhibition of textile history, including production, working life, fashion and advertising. A special display of photography by leading fashion photographers and models is included, many of whom worked for the NINO brand with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Daniel Hechter. The 'Povel tower' was a water tower built in 1906 for the Povel cotton mill and became a museum in 1994. It has exhibitions and films about the history of Nordhorn (and a cocktail bar on the roof). The 'Museumsfabrik' is in the Povel mill, which was built in 1950. This has working textile machines brought to life by former workers.

Nordhorn Municipal Museum
Stadtmuseum Nordhorn
Nino-Allee 11
48529 Nordhorn
+49 (0) 5921 - 721500