Nordholz Aeronauticum

Aeronauticum is the German museum of airships and naval aviation, situated near the North Sea port of Cuxhaven. It is located on an airfield that was created as a base for airships by the German navy at Nordholz in 1912. It was used heavily by aircraft during the Second World War. The start of a collection of historical objects began here in 1967 but the initiative to create a museum began in 1987. This opened as the naval airship museum in 1991. Cooperation with the German Maritime Museum at Bremerhaven allowed it to expand its remit to other naval aircraft as Aeronauticum in 1997. The collection includes 17 aircraft in the open air, including a Breguet surveillance aircraft, a VFW 614 and two Tornado fighter planes. Exhibitions continue indoors with five main themes:  the technology and history of airships, airships at war, civil airships, the history of the base at Nordholz and finally naval aviation.

Nordholz Aeronauticum
Peter-Strasser-Platz 3
27639 Wurster Nordseeküste
+49 (0) 4741 - 18190