Niederzwönitz Paper Mill

The paper mill in the part of the town called Niederzwönitz was first mentioned in 1568 and rebuilt in the 19th century during the course of industrialization. Until then, paper workers had used pulped rags to make “laid paper” by hand. Rags, along with waste products from cotton and rope factories, were the only fibrous raw materials available for making paper. From now on, different types of cardboard for commercial use was produced semi-industrially.

The fact that the completely preserved plant, which dates from the 1900s, was still in operation until 1973 and then carefully restored, makes it the oldest functional paper mill in Germany. The machines such as a globe-shaped steam boiler, an edge mill or a hollander beater are driven via transmission by both hydropower and engines. 

Niederzwönitz Paper Mill
Köhlerweg 1
08297 Zwönitz
+49 (0) 37754 - 2690