Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics

Villafranca di Verona lies south of the city of Verona, near the southern tip of Lake Garda. The Nicolis Museum was the creation of Luciano Nicolis (1934-2012), who made a fortune from the paper industry, particularly from re-cycling paper, in Verona. Its displays cover two centuries of change in transport, showing bicycles, motor cars and motor cycles, as well as other machines that have changed our lives. It includes 400 cameras, and numerous typewriters, musical instruments, dictating machines and automata. One outstanding exhibit is the Biciclo Michaux, exhibited  at the Triennale di Milano 1865. The museum is accommodated in a specially-designed building in glass and steel, made possible by Luciano Nicolis in 2000. It includes a congress centre and lavish teaching facilities.

Nicolis Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics
Museo Nicolis dell’Auto, della Tecnica e della Mechanica
Viale Postumia 71
37069 Villafranca di Verona
+39 (0) 45630 - 3289