The former NDSM-shipyard was once a place where huge ships where built. Nowadays it is a cultural domain in development. Mostly companies in the creative business are establishing there. Among them is MTV. But also theathergroups have a place at the former yard and (dance) events are organised there. NDSM is ´hot´ a absolutely worth visiting.

The former Netherlands Dok and Shipyard was established at the north side of the IJ. The company came forth of the fusion between the Netherlands Shipbuilding Company (NSM) and the Netherlands Dok Company (NDM). The terrain that now is called NDSM is in use since 1916. The wharf is built upon a sophisticated plan. The situation of rough (plate)materials along the Sidecanal I, the diverse installations and buildings as wall as the slopes were carefully choosen so that cranes and lorries only had to move for short distances. At the westside of the terrain a harbour was situated where floating ships could be finished. All building activities after 1928 where carried out under the supervision of the wellknown Amsterdam architect-engineer G.J. Langhout. At first, three concrete shipslopes I, II and III were built in 1919. The numbers II and III are still there. In 1920 two warehouses and one enginroom underneath the upper end of the shipslopes were added, as well as a large shipbuilding-shed. The shed had a loft for the models. The roofs have large windows to provide daylight.

The NDSM-shipyard is located at the north side of the IJ in Northern-Amsterdam. The complex contains the NDSM-shed (20.000 m2), the Docklandhal (5.800 m2) an the two shipslopes X (2.200 m2) and Y (10.000 (m2).

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