National Railway Museum Napoli

The National Railway Museum is located in the former engineering works of the railway system of the kingdom of Naples, which had links to the armaments works at Torre Annunziata. About 1840 the gunpowder plant at Torre Annunziata was transferred to a coastal battery at Pietrarsa, where a foundry was built in 1843-45. It became the locomotive and carriage works of the Naples railways, but after the unification of Italy most locomotive construction took place in Genoa or Milan, and the works was used principally for repairs and maintenance. It closed in 1975, and was adapted as a museum which opened in 1989, with locomotives displayed in a vaulted Gothic assembly shop.

National Railway Museum Napoli
Ferroviario Nazionale di Pietrarsa
Traversa Pietrarsa
80146 Napoli
+39 (0) 81 - 472003