National Mining Museum Scotland

What is the link between a certain Lady Victoria, black diamonds and a place called Newtongrange in Scotland? It’s simple? For Lady Victoria is the name of the old colliery in Newtongrange and when the locals talk about black diamonds they mean coal which was once mined in huge quantities before being taken off to the markets. Nowadays “Lady Vic” is the headquarters of the Scottish Mining Museum, where visitors can get an insight into the highs and lows of an industry which was once the backbone of the Scottish economy. The 500 metre main shaft may have been filled in. But that’s no matter. For the museum has its own gallery with a genuine underground atmosphere. The driving wheel on the pit head gear may no longer turn. All the better because now you can find out how it worked so brilliantly. Some visitors – especially the younger ones – like to test their strength by trying to push a coal wagon. After that they really appreciate the talents of the colliers who knew how to exploit gravity to their own ends. This museum is all about hands-on activities. All the guides are ex-miners who can give you good solid information about the everyday life and work of colliers. After all, they lived through it all themselves.

National Mining Museum Scotland
Lady Victoria Colliery
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