Nakkila Cheese Museum

Nakkila church in western Finland, designed by Erkki Huttunen and built in 1937 is regarded as an iconic building, and is the subject of a popular saying ‘by the Nakkila church’. It was paid for by a factory owner, J W Suominen, and has a 58 m high tower.


Close by the church is a cheese factory that from 1920 until 1963 made traditional Finnish cream cheese and buttermilk cheese, which is now a museum, showing the importance of the dairy industry in Finland. There are also sections showing how shoes and chairs were made in the early twentieth century, and how people of the district fished for lampreys.

Nakkila Cheese Museum
Nakkilan kotiseutumuseo Juustomeijerimuseo
Jyrki Jaakolankuja 20
29250 Nakkila-Seura
+358 (0) 2537 - 3053