MW Museum of Electricity

FEDA (Forces Electriques d’Andorra) has supplied electricity to the principality of Andorra since 1934 when the power station at Encamp was completed. The power station was regarded in the 1930s as a symbol of the country’s modernisation.

The museum within the granite power station building uses interactive displays to show the impact of electricity upon the lives of Andorrans through the past eight decades. Visitors can see the turbines, the generators and the operations room, and there are displays on the ground floor showing the plans for the building. It is also possible to participate in guided tours from the power station to the Engolasters Lake dam returning along the penstocks which convey water from the lake to the turbines.

MW Museum of Electricity
MW Museu de l’Electricitat
Avenue de la Batra
AD2000 Encamp
+376 (0) 739 - 111