Museum Tuch + Technik

The museum of cloth and technology explores how people have made woollen cloth for over 2,000 years, from the Iron Age to the present day. It occupies an impressive purpose-built building in the centre of the town. The museum explains the whole process from the raw wool to the finished cloth. It has live demonstrations with spinning wheels and hand-looms and large-scale industrial machines for carding, spinning and weaving. The historical collections contain many artefacts that show the history of cloth making from the Middle Ages through the period of industrialization to the twentieth century. The museum also explains the growth of Neumünster from a village to a large industrial town. Visitors can try many processes for themselves and see temporary exhibitions.

Museum Tuch + Technik
Kleinflecken 1
24534 Neumünster
+49 (0) 4321 - 559580