Museum of Weaving

Geldrop was an important centre for textile manufacture in the nineteenth century, especially wool. The museum occupies the buildings of a woollen factory on the river Kleine Dommel at the site of a medieval mill. A two-storey water-powered spinning mill was built in 1863. A large steam-powered weaving shed was added in 1910, when there were 400 workers. Production continued until 1981. The weaving shed has Art Nouveau lettering for the company name: ‘van den Heuvel & Zoon’. Through a large collection of looms and other machines the museum shows how to weave in different textiles and how processes have changed. It demonstrates weaving with a traditional hand loom and a Jacquard loom, braiding, label making and circular knitting. Most demonstrators worked in the textile industry. They take commissions and produce items for sale such as cotton bath towels, tea-towels and tablecloths. The museum shows a collection of fabrics and provides tours through the town.

Museum of Weaving
Weverijmuseum Geldrop
Molenstraat 21
5664 HV Geldrop
+31 (0) 40 - 2863574