Museum of Water and Gas

The Museo dell’Acqua e del Gas (Museum of Water and Gas) tells the story of the two public utilities in the city of Genoa. From the early thirteenth century some of the city’s water was delivered by the Brugneto Aqueduct which has been modified many times in subsequent centuries. Coal gas production began in 1845 and continued until 1972 when the distribution of natural gas from Russia began. Displays in the museum include tools, analytical instruments, meters and advertisements. There are examples of many types of domestic appliance, including lighting systems, smoothing irons and heaters, and the museum also holds an important collection of specialised books and technical manuals relating to gas and water supply.

Museum of Water and Gas
Museo dell’Acqua e del Gas
Via Piacenza 54
16138 Genova
+39 (0) 10 - 5586163