Museum of Transport

The museum of transport in Bratislava opened in 1999, and is part of the Museum of Technology based in Košice. It is principally concerned with railways and with road transport. It is located in early twentieth century warehouse buildings that formed part of the first railway station in the city, opened in 1848 when Bratislava was part of the Habsburg Empire and was more commonly known by the German name Pressburg. It is close to the current railway station. The railway section includes steam, diesel and electric locomotives, permanent way maintenance vehicles and signalling equipment, as well as large numbers of models. The road transport section includes 100 motor cars and 25 motorcycles, as well as trucks, bicycles and some military vehicles from the Second World War. There is an emphasis on car prototypes developed by firms in Slovakia, and on the Tatra 603 minibus which was made there and used all over Eastern Europe in Soviet times.

Museum of Transport
Múzeum dopravy Bratislave
Šancová 1/A
81105 Bratislava
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