Museum of the Moscow Railway

The Museum of the Moscow Railway originally displayed only the funeral train of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924) but was re-displayed with many new exhibits and a wider remit in 2011-12. It stands next to the Paveletskaya railway terminus. It currently displays just one steam locomotive, the 4-6-0 U127 that pulled Lenin’s funeral train. Alongside it is the van that carried his coffin. There are models and images of many Russian locomotives, notably the large engines that were required for trains that covered exceptionally long distances. There are uniforms, lamps, clocks and railwaymen’s tools, together with re-creations of a country railway station and of a luxury late nineteenth century passenger carriage.

Museum of the Moscow Railway
C1 Paveletskaya Pl.
+7 (0) 495 - 2352898