Museum of the history of iron

The museum at Nancy has one of the most comprehensive collections in Europe illustrating the history of iron-making, with displays that incorporate artefacts, works of art and extracts from literature. The displays take an historical rather than a technological approach, and show the progress of iron-making in all parts of Europe from earliest times, with a particular emphasis on the emergence of the blast furnace.

The museum was founded by Edouard Salin (1889-1970), president of the Lorraine Archaeological Society, whose ancestors had been forge masters in Lorraine. He donated a plot of land on the edge of Nancy where a spectacular building in steel and glass, designed by Jacques and Michel Andre, was opened in 1966. The museum has a strong scientific emphasis, and its founder established an archaeometallurgical laboratory as early as 1950.

Museum of the history of iron
Musee de l’Histoire de Fer
Avenue du General de Gaulle BP 15
54140 Jarville-la-Malgrange
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